Our Staff

Keena Flournoy White (project lead)

Keena Flournoy, is an Instructional Specialist of literacy and has over 18 years of experience in education, support schools throughout the tristate area. She has extensive experience in supporting grades Pre K through 8 in literacy instruction. Her experience includes but is not limited to supporting building administrators, coaches and teachers in implementing effective reading and writing instruction. Ms. Flournoy played a vital role in the Reading First initiative during from 2004 to 2010, during which, she supported over 17 schools in grades K through 3. With her support and guidance in best literacy practices and using early grade indicators, schools were able to increase student achievement by an average of 38 percent, as measured by standardized assessments.

Ms. Flournoy has extensive knowledge and experience with Columbia University’s Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Project. She has provided professional development for teachers and administrations for grades K-5.  She is well versed in current best practices and has expertise in executing guided reading, guided writing, reciprocal teaching, close reading strategies, Socratic Seminars, text based discussion protocols, and training teachers how to create text dependent questions. Ms. Flournoy has spent significant amount of time supporting teachers and helping them to align their curricula resources with the Common Core State Standards and adding rigor to instruction that allows students to engage in rich discussions and develop critical thinking skills.

Ms. Flournoy provides targeted professional development for various audiences including school leaders, coaches, and teachers in researched based literacy practices, establishing effective teacher teams, and analyzing and interpreting data that leads to creating and executing meaningful action plans.

Ms. Flournoy obtained her Master degrees in Teaching Reading from Long Island University,  a second masters in Educational Administration, and a third masters in Human Services Administration from Metropolitan College of New York. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Literacy.

Christa Tamanas

Christa served as a K-8 Special Education Teacher in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for 5 years. She holds a Master's degree in Teaching and is in the final stage of receiving her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. Her expertise is in curriculum, differentiated instruction, literary and mathematical strategies, and IEP development. Christa has a passion for working with teachers to meet their students' needs and close the achievement gap.

Eleni Ntelekos

Eleni has over ten years supporting schools in various capacities whether  it be  through preparing grades K through 8 teachers in employing literacy instruction or preparing students to navigate through standardized assessments. Eleni  has a wealth of knowledge and resources that provides supports for instructional leaders, coaches, and teachers.