Our Mission

Knowledge Defines the Future  (KDF) provides professional development for teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders.

KDF has a unique approach with professional development by providing customized, tailored professional development based on the school's student data, observations, and  takes into account each stake holder's  professional development needs. 

Data Analysis and Action Planning 

KDF understands the importance of looking at soft and hard data. Collecting data is just one of the many steps with using data to drive instruction. KDF simplifies this process and guides teachers, and instructional leaders on various ways how this process could be implemented to support their school. These session provide actionable steps for teachers  to follow to empower students; specific feedback and  teaching points for students and a system for instructional leaders to monitor the  implementation and effectiveness of the actionable steps.

Professional Learning Communities

KDF  assists with establishing and refining the  effectiveness of the PLC structure in each school. PLCs build capacity in schools and can be used for many different purposes. KDF visits PLC meetings, reviews the impact of the PLCs and makes recommendations for  the PLC. 

Professional Development Services

KDF provides  stand alone sessions, multiple sessions and series.  KDF  covers topics  but  are not limited to topics such as Readers' Workshop, Text Based Discussions, Growth Mindset, Writer's Workshop, Problem Solving in Mathematics, Therapeutic Crisis Leadership,  Developing Rigorous Tasks , Aligning instruction to Student Data, Differentiation of Instruction: What Does this Look Like,  etc. . . . KDf also conducts visits to schools to provide feedback and next steps for instructional leaders that are looking find out on how to improve  student achievement.